Connected with Nature,

Herbal Diversity First-Hand

From seed to the end product, INTERCON Trading GmbH offers the complete range of aromatic and medicinal plants at first hand.

Aligned to conventional, certified Organic and sustainably grown raw materials, we supply the herbal, extract, pharmaceutical, tea and animal feed industries with a variety of different botanical raw materials. Our major strengths are the procurement of herbal raw materials, contract-based cultivation and own cultivation.

Raw material from southern Europe,

Refinement in Germany

INTERCON Trading GmbH has been working in Albania for more than one decade. Albania (as a future candidate for EU membership) with his mild Mediterranean climate, many sunny days and many years of experience has ideal conditions for high-quality raw materials. Therefore, the concentration of active ingredients in our products is usually much higher than in other countries.

Our goods are refined in Germany using the latest technology for Cleaning, reeling, cutting, sterilizing, grinding and granulating.

In our product list you will find an overview on our products in the field of leaves, flowers, herbs, seeds, and much more.


From seed to flower

to meet the needs

Carefully selected seeds and the right partners in our network are the cornerstone of our success in cultivation and wild harvesting. Our expertise, coupled with a permanent exchange of information, create the perfect combination for high-quality products. We support our network partners by proving the relevant information in dealings with herbal raw materials.

Our products are also available in certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance quality.


Born in Hamburg,

at home around the globe.

The city of Hamburg as “The Gateway to the World” is one of the most traditional trading places for herbs and spices. As a company based in Hamburg, we were in very close contact with our suppliers and feel closely associated with the origin.

Manufacturing and delivering of raw materials also means taking over responsibility. INTERCON Trading GmbH meets this responsibility with the necessary professional competence, proper logistics, the best possible quality control as well as sustainable ideas. We accompany our products from seed to end product and understand the needs of our partners. This is the key success factor for a long-term partnership.


For every question

a competent answer

Our goal is to provide a competent solution for each of your inquiries, from individual requests for unlisted products, their refinement to product-specific storage solutions.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide you with a competent contact person for each of your concerns.